Languages opportunities

Languages are a specialism of Twyford Trust school. Our Language provision is second to none. We will base language provision at Ealing Fields on the model currently established at Twyford High School:


  • All students study French. They have 5 lessons of French per week. They are set early in the year according to their ability.
  • At the end of Year 7 a test determine whether they will become single or dual-linguists in Year 8.


  • There are two routes: single or dual-linguists.
  • Single linguists study 5 periods of French a week.
  • Dual-linguists study both French and Spanish


  • There are two routes: single or dual-linguists
  • Pupils study 7 periods of dual languages (French and Spanish)
  • Single linguists follow 5 periods of French.
  • All pupils in Year 9 Start the GCSE courses and follow the new AQA Specification.
  • By the end of the year, pupils will have completed two of their four coursework in each language and have obtained 30% of their final GCSE grade.
  • Towards the end of Year 9, those students learning 2 languages have the option of continuing with both languages in Key Stage 4 or to become single linguists and opt for one language only.

YEARS 10 & 11

  • Key Stage 4 students follow the AQA Specification started in Year 9. Students carry out written and oral assessment tasks as part of the GCSE.
  • There are also exams in listening and reading at the end of Year 11. French and Spanish are offered.
  • Pupils who are able to speak and study another language at home are encouraged to take their GCSE in this language.

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