General Introduction

The Drama curriculum at Ealing Fields encourages students to work creatively and collaboratively to create meaningful and powerful performances. Each year group studies at least one play text, creates their own devised performance from a set stimulus and learns how to critically evaluate their own creative processes and final performances. Students consistently work on their physical and vocal skills as well as their confidence and learn how to give helpful

and constructive verbal feedback to their peers.

KS3 Overview

In Years 7, students study the plays Blue Remembered Hills and Grimm Tales. In Year 8 students study Blood Brothers. Students study the overall plot of each play before focussing on integral characters and scenes which are then performed for assessment. Students also create their own original performances based on Commedia Dell’Arte, Slapstick comedy and physical theatre. These performances are created entirely by the students using different stories, images, poems and music as a starting point.

KS4 Overview

In KS4 Year 9, students study and perform key scenes from two plays DNA and The Crucible. Students also create their own original performances based on a wide variety of stimuli and their own independent research. Students are encouraged to give detailed feedback to one another which allows them to practise their critical and analytical skills.

Stretching Students

Each year, all Ealing Fields students will have the opportunity to get involved in the whole school production. This opens up opportunities for all students to become actors, stage managers or theatre technicians. This will be rehearsed during Drama club which takes place after school once a week.