The Ofsted report for Ealing Fields has now been published and is available in the Reports section of the website.

The behaviour and attitudes to learning of the students throughout the school and the leadership and management of the staff team are already rated as ‘Outstanding’.

It is rare for a newly-opened school to be awarded this grading in any category.

Since the school is being inspected in its third year and therefore does not yet have public examination results, inspectors were limited in the progress grading which could be awarded – and this in turn caps the overall grading at ‘Good’. Inspectors did nonetheless note that internally the school is confident that the academic progress is in line with and in some cases exceeding that of the other Trust schools, which this year once again achieved GCSE and A-level progress scores which put them amongst the top schools in the country.

The Ofsted report is therefore an excellent milestone on the way towards building the school’s identity within the community ahead of the move to the new building in 2020.