A trip to the Globe

On a sunny afternoon in March, Yeats and Chambers enjoyed our first HAV (Habits and Values) reward trip to Shakespeare's Globe Theatre. Students have been studying 'The Taming of the Shrew' as part of their Shakespeare unit in both English and Drama this half term. A trip to the Globe served as an ideal opportunity for students to experience the play transform from mere writing on a page to a live performance!

After an early sitting of Family Dining, the two Form Value Groups travelled to South Bank to watch the live production. Upon arrival, we enjoyed a glorious sunny walk along the river with a spectacular view of St Paul's Cathedral in the distance. Joined by dozens of other schools, we took our seats in the theatre stalls and enjoyed a full-scale and fast-paced performance of the Shakespearean comedy. Inspired by both the thrill of the live theatre and the beautiful architecture, students enjoyed recognising the same characters, plot twists and word play they had been studying in class.

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