Love Literacy Week

Last week, Ealing Fields celebrated its first Love Literacy Week of the year, with the theme of Literacy for Leadership. Throughout the week, students were able to get involved in a whole host of Literacy related activities, including a poetry competition, a Key Stage 3 Spelling Bee and a trip to the launch of the Ealing Teen Read Award.

The highlight of the week however took place on Thursday, when we were visited by Ben Clifton – Deputy Director of Communications for the Department for Transport. Ben gave our students a fascinating talk about how important language is to leading effectively, whilst also giving them valuable advice on how they can use language themselves. It was then over to the students, nine of whom had won a speech writing contest in their English lessons. All of these students delivered powerful and thought provoking speeches on diverse topics including Animal Testing, Islamaphobia and Gender Stereotyping. Our guest speaker was hugely impressed by the craft, passion and skill of all nine speeches and even said he would be taking some of their ideas back to the government!

Although all nine students spoke brilliantly, however we had asked Ben to pick just one winner from each year group and these students will be receiving a book token as a prize.

Well done to all of our students for getting involved in Love Literacy Week and we hope you are all looking forward to the next one which will be held in the Spring Term and will focus on how Literacy is used in the media!

Speech Competition Winners:

Year 7 – Otto Strouts

Year 8 – Karina Jakubow

Year 9 – Lily Jones

Finalists: Ahmed El-Mahmoud, Tammy Kjirova, Cyrus Brunt-Eshraghi, Mekael Syed, Ameer Dawood, Mimi Green.

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