It is my privilege to lead Ealing Fields High School as we seek to create an outstanding school to serve the local community.

Ealing Fields takes as its motif the flame of Prometheus from which we draw inspiration about the capacity of individuals to use the intellectual and moral tools at their disposal to become young leaders. We are inspired by the concept of leadership which we feel the 21 st century desperately needs. However this is not a self-centred and self-promoting leadership, but a sense of leading in order to serve others, requiring skill but also moral courage and compassion.

Our school is part of the Twyford Trust family of schools and so this school is characterised by high academic standards and a disciplined approach to study and learning, but is also a place where creativity and inquiry are central to our curriculum.

Our curriculum offers the breadth and depth that is our passion at a Twyford Trust school, but also we focus on the development of the whole person with each student taking part in a pastoral curriculum with their form tutors over the course of their time with us. We also teach a ground-breaking Ethics curriculum to all new students in Year 7 & 8 to sharpen and hone their critical thinking and reasoning skills to equip them for the rest of their learning but also to help them develop a strong moral compass of their own.

We are, and will always be, a smaller secondary school with 150 students in each year group. This gives us a unique ‘family-feel’ as it’s possible for all students, parents and staff to feel well ‘known’ within the institution. We hope this will provide the best of a secondary school’s range of subjects and breadth of wider learning opportunities, but also the best of a smaller school’s intimacy and personal touch.

Ealing Fields has only just begun its journey as a school but its founder students, parents and staff are passionately committed to making it an outstanding place to learn, work and grow as individuals and offer something unique, special and formational to everyone who journeys with us.

Mr Mark Bedford
Associate Headteacher

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History of Ealing Fields

Ealing Fields High School is the most recent member of the Twyford CofE Academies Trust family of schools. It was opened as a Free School in September 2016 by a group of parents with a strong desire to provide an excellent new school for the South Ealing community. The school has been set up with an ethos based on human potential to be and do good and has a very distinctive focus on critical thinking and the development of students as independent learners.

Since joining the Trust in September 2017 it has quickly assimilated the same systems and resources as the more established Trust schools (William Perkin and Twyford CofE High Schools).

Plans for the School

The permanent site has now been secured and refurbishment of the listed building (Place House) and construction of the new school commenced in 2019. Plans for the new school are well advanced and will make the school a very attractive prospect for the local community. For further details about the building project, please read Dame Alice Hudson's blog.

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Ethos Vision

The Twyford Trust takes as its motto: ‘I have come that you should have life and life in all its fullness’.

The text is taken from John chapter 10 verse 10 and from this the Trust has created the 10:10 Ethic which is the principle that informs all Trust schools – irrespective of their different individual identities, intakes or admission criteria.

We believe that there are three Core Values in our 10:10 Ethic:

  1. All individuals have God-given gifts which they can develop for the good of others
  2. All individuals do bad things sometimes but that it is not acceptable to believe that anyone has to stay in a ‘bad place’
  3. All individuals can find their valued place within community

The 10:10 Ethic is also often articulated as having the following positive disciplines:

  • Know yourself
  • Be an agent for good
  • Understand weakness
  • Accept Support
  • Engage Fully
  • Stretch

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