At Ealing Fields High School keeping children and young people safe from harm is our number one priority. The procedures we follow have been laid down by the Ealing Area Child Protection Committee.

Families should be aware that Safeguarding (Child Protection) concerns will become the responsibility of one of the following Safeguarding Officers:

Staff member Role Email
Mr L Santos Designated Safeguarding Lead
Mr K Woodham Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead
Mr M Bedford Safeguarding Officer
Ms J Trewin Safeguarding Officer
Ms J Eustace Safeguarding Officer
Ms A James Safeguarding Officer
Dr I Lawson Safeguarding Officer
Mr J Salter Safeguarding Officer
Ms L Belfield Safeguarding Officer
Ms L Edwards Safeguarding Officer


For details of the Safeguarding team, including photographs of the designated safeguarding teachers, please see below:

Safeguarding Team

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You can view our Child Protection Policy below:

Child Protection Policy

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Useful information to help keep children safer online is contained within our Online Safety Policy:

Online Safety Policy

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Safeguarding policies and practices comply with all national requirements and can be found in Key Trust Policies.

Mental Health and Well-Being

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