Ealing Fields aims to be a comprehensive school which stretches and challenges students to achieve to the highest level.

The school day is longer than in many schools enabling students to engage with core academic subjects as part of their regular morning routine and to have longer lessons in the afternoon which develop creativity and curiosity.

Parents of current students can find out more about the school's curriculum on COPIA.

For information on individual subjects in the curriculum, please read the Guide for prospective parents below.

Guide for prospective parents

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A list of GCSEs and other qualifications available at Key Stage 4.

Courses available at Key Stage 4

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You can find out more about our approach to the curriculum in the Twyford Trust's Curriculum Policy.

Curriculum Policy

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Our SEN policy gives details about how the curriculum is made accessible for those with disabilities or SEN.

SEN Policy

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SEN Information Report

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Independent Learning

Independent learning will be critical to the success of your child at GCSE and A-Level. It is our philosophy to develop the required skills within each subject as soon as students join the school. From day 1 of Year 7 there is a 15-minute lesson preparation task set in each lesson – that means 5 'lesson preps' are set per day.

Longer pieces of assessed homework in the form of essays, projects, assessments and presentations are also set fortnightly. The combination of lesson preparation tasks, to be completed each evening, and longer more developed pieces of work will ensure your child develops the independent learning habits required to succeed as they develop academically. Each core subject will outline a series of tasks to be completed independently of school. These will be called Level 4 Tasks and are designed to stretch students and encourage curiosity within each subject.

We have developed a Virtual Learning Environment called Copia, which allows students to access work electronically and support their independent learning at home. The same system also allows parents to look at their child's grades and attendance and conduct records.

Individual Knowledge of Your Child

Each child is known as an academic individual through careful diagnostic testing, which takes place as part of their induction to the school. Using this information, we set challenging targets that are effectively communicated and then evaluated at key points in the year. A well-constructed whole school assessment system allows students to take control of their learning and make personal assessments of their progress. More detailed information related to subject-specific assessments will become available for parents on Copia.

Effective Communication with Parents

Communication is integral to the success of any school. Parents will receive Termly Grade Reports that provide information on effort and achievement in all subjects and at the end of the year a full report will be produced. Parents are expected to attend all Information Evenings and Parent Consultation Evenings, including an annual formal Parents Evening.

Each week parents should review and sign their child's planner which will contain key information relating to that week. Personal communication with your child's Tutor and Head of Year will be vital in supporting your child. To support this process there will be a Target Setting Meeting in September between student, parent and tutor.

The best information will always be gained via one-to-one contact with teachers so parents are warmly encouraged to be in contact with the school more regularly if there are any concerns.

For Key Stage 3 there are two formal exam weeks - one in December and the other in June - which assess topics to date in the core subjects (English, Maths, Science, Languages and Humanities).

For Key Stage 4, students will follow a GCSE pathway in all subject areas.

Details of our Remote Learning offering can be found below:

Remote Learning

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Parents of current students can find out more about the school's curriculum on COPIA