Ealing Fields aims to be a comprehensive school which stretches and challenges students to achieve to the highest level.

The school day is longer than in many schools enabling students to engage with core academic subjects as part of their regular morning routine and to have longer lessons in the afternoon which develop creativity and curiosity.

In Year 7 all students study English, Maths, 3 Sciences, MFL, History, Geography and RE and this enables students to take the full English Baccalaureate suite of courses for GCSE. From Year 8 more able linguists will take a second Modern Foreign Language. Further information about the curriculum can be found here.

The school is very keen to stretch its most advanced learners and consequently there is setting in core subjects. This will enable students of high aptitude to move at a faster pace.

The curriculum model is shared with Twyford and William Perkin and will ensure that students are supported to the same standards of academic achievement at these two schools.

In common with other Twyford Trust schools, students will also have formal assessments four times a year including exams at Christmas and at the end of the Summer term.

You can find out more about our approach to the curriculum in the Twyford Trust's Curriculum Policy.

Parents can find out more about the school's curriculum on COPIA.

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What is Prep?

Prep will embody Building Learning Power principles, such as independent learning and resourcefulness.

In Year 7, Prep is a lesson that all students will have, twice a week (on a Tuesday and Thursday). Prep is central to the curriculum at Ealing Fields, as it will enhance and diversify our students’ learning experiences - supporting them in developing the learning habits they need to take responsibility for their learning.

In a Prep lesson, students will be set specific activities that will help them consolidate their learning from a particular subject, or help them prepare for new learning. The focus of Prep lessons will be set out in a Prep timetable, which students will be given in September.

In Year 7, students will be able to use Prep lessons to complete some of their homework. This approach helps students manage the transition from primary to secondary school more effectively. As you would expect, homework will increase from Year 8. However, by this time, students will have developed the learning habits they need to complete their homework (at home!), really effectively.

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Wider learning

In our schools we put a lot of emphasis on extra-curricular/wider learning activities. Additional enrichment activities take place in a programme of after-school classes for students who are gifted and talented in particular areas.

The afternoon curriculum and longer school day gives longer sequences of learning in Computing, Music, Art, Drama and Sport. Despite being in temporary accommodation, the school has excellent sports facilities and there is a very full after school extra-curricular sports programme with regular fixtures.

Students who choose additional Drama will work towards specific school performances and in Music all students have the opportunity to play a musical instrument. This is in addition to a full programme of vocal lessons for all students which build up towards a whole school production in the Spring Term.

Students are able to take advantage of individual instrumental tuition and instrumentalists are currently invited to join Twyford’s extensive ensemble programme in order to experience playing in a full orchestra or concert band with older and more advanced students.

All students are expected to develop strong ICT skills with a challenging curriculum of computer programming for the most able.

Additional literacy and numeracy programmes are also offered for students who start secondary school with below expected levels of attainment. This enables all students to embrace the school ethic that, whatever their starting point; it is a positive thing to recognise areas of weakness and to take a pride in bringing about improvement.

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